The wildlife photographer is the “crouching tiger and hidden dragon of the Photography World.”

Wild or tame, the animal kingdom presents its own photographic challenges.

Photographer Linda Sarmento @
Photographer Linda Sarmento. Image published in the April 2016 mag-book, Photography World Journal 1

Wildlife photographers bare witness to extremes. Winds, burning heat, zero temperatures,

snow, mud, wet, rocks, prickly cactus & sticker bushes are endured to time the image,

often in measures of golden light and all in an effort to capture, undisturbed, 

candid animal detail from herd to insect with clarity and unique composition.

They are the crouching tiger and hidden dragon of the Photography World

 patience, practice and persistence.—Photography World


Header Photo Credit Krishnan Kalpatt

Winner of the 2015 Your Focus On the World ANIMALS Category




[img src="" alt=""]© Aurora. American Bald Eagle
Nature & Wildlife Photographer Linda Covey is featured in a Photography World gallery: Arizona Animals, Photographer Linda Covey.
[img src="" alt=""]© Anna\'s Hummingbird by Digiscope Photographer Glenn Kincaid
Kincaid\'s crisp details of Annas Hummingbird & our other digiscope photographers in Photography World\'s published online gallery: DIGISCOPING GALLERY- Your Focus On The World!
[img src="" alt=""]© Feather Detail. Cover Image for Photography World by Photographer Mina Thevenin
Raptors! Sea eagles, hawks, owls, American Kestrel, vultures...
[img src="" alt=""]© Arctic Tundra Swan & Cygnet
Learn about the Arctic\'s Tundra Swan as the flock wintered on Chesapeake Bay... Gallery & article by Mina Thevenin
[img src="" alt=""]© Grizzly Bear, Yellowstone National Park
Digiscope Photographer Robert Wilson\'s Photography World article, \"Digiscoping: A New Tool for Wildlife Photography\"
[img src="" alt=""]©Take A Bow by Photographer J Crivello
Nature Photographer J Crivello takes a bow with her award winning photography! In \"Animal Crackers in My View!\", Crivello is awarded cover image.
[img src="" alt=""]© Juvenile Black-tailed Prairie Dogs in Colorado. Photograph by Mina Thevenin
Who let the dogs out? Find out in a Photography World feature article...
[img src="" alt=""]Plight of the Honey Bee. Cover image by Photographer Shashi Rawat
How important is the honey bee to our ecosystem? Einstein believed we can\'t live without them...



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Anhinga Male

WATER BIRDS of North America

Article by Mina Thevenin

Contributing Photographers: Barb Hoeldt, Linda Sarmento, Linda Covey, Dave Meachum, Mina Thevenin, Robert Wilson, Julie Holloway, Bryan Samuel







Article by Mina Thevenin | Photography by Shashi Rawat, Dave Meachum, Mina Thevenin & Andreas Trepte


© Birds of Prey. Photograph by Mina Thevenin


Article & Photography by Mina Thevenin

Contributing Photographer Linda Covey



Take a Bow by J Crivello


CLICK- Animal Crackers in My View!

Article by Mina Thevenin, Editor

Contributing Photographers (Cover “Take A Bow” by Wildlife Photographer J. Crivello)



© Anna's Hummingbird. Digiscoped by Photographer Glenn Kincaid


A gallery showcasing international photographers using Digiscope lens & wildlife photography




Tundra Swans 3 PW w finalArctic Tundra Swans wintering on the Chesapeake Bay

Photography & Article by Mina Thevenin, Editor





cropped siblings (w)Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs in Colorado

Photography & Article by Mina Thevenin, Editor



Wildlife Digiscope Photography© Grizzly Bear, Yellowstone National Park. Digiscoped Photograph by Robert Wilson

Article & Photography by Robert Wilson



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