NOW IN PRINT—Photography World 2016, Volume 2!

Congratulations to the photographers selected for publication in the PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD 2016, Volume 2!

We Apologize—BOOK CURRENTLY ON BACK ORDER—as of December 16, 2016. We should receive a delivery of the second printing before Christmas.

15 International photographers are published in the 2016 Volume 2 hard bound coffee table book as a collective of photographers and writers, many of whom are published in our digital publication @! Distinguished photographers include: Nelin Reisman, Krishnan Kalpat, Hans Franken, Linda Sarmento, Linda Covey, Kas Deddens, Julie Holloway, Dave Meachum, Jon Jacobs, Barbara Hoeldt, Anjan Ghosh, Sabbir Ahammed, Christa Hathaway, Jim Schnepel @ and Mina Thevenin @!

Hardcover image wrap (cover by New Photographer Nelin Reisman—Grand Winner of the 2015 international Photography World  contest: YOUR FOCUS ON THRE WORLD) with 42 pages of glossy color and black & white images. Volume 2 is larger than last year’s Volume 1, and is a Large Format Landscape style, 13×11 in/ 33×28 cm. Available for sale in our Photography World Shop at a discounted rate for subscribers! Also available on Amazon books & Blurb.