Portfolio III Cover (final)

Congratulations to Photographer Sirish B.C. for an award winning gallery of images: The Himalayas, Sagarmatha ~ Mount Everest!

Portfolio III is the third publication of international photographers’ best works. It celebrates the release of Photographer’s Sirish B.C.’s fine quality images of the great Mount Everest region and its enduring people of the Himalayas. If I were to compare the similarities of Photography World’s international photographers to that of Mount Everest mountaineers, I find a similarity- both stand in  momentum of the challenge, to climb as high as one may go, one step at a time.

Thus for photographers,  challenging self to improve not only in the area of technical skills, but to improve through practice, the art of capturing the energy of humanity and its endeavors is to then summit to the peak of one’s personal goals as a photographer, whether photographing landscapes, nature, people or space.

Sirish B.C. invites viewers to experience the Himalayas in his majestic portraits of  its ancient people and the elation of elevation that takes us, indeed, to the highest point in the world.

Photography World is happy to present its 3rd Portfolio and the images of Photographer Sirish B.C.

Congratulations to you!

Mina Thevenin, Photography World Editor


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