PORTFOLIO IV, April 2015

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Photographer Richard S. Wright, Jr. is awarded Photography World’s cover photo for the PORTFOLIO IV, April 2015 publication!

The image of dancing aurora borealis over the rooftop of a lodge in Fairbanks, Alaska- complete with a warm glow from the windows and the commonplace neighborly feel of pickup trucks out front, gives this image the presence of possibility that anyone might experience such magnificent natural beauty right outside their door and be “Under the Northern Lights” even if through the magic of this image!

Richard Wright’s knowledge about “shooting in the dark” really shines with his aurora images and, of course, his astrophotography! He is a regular star contributor to Photography World and the January 2015’s online edition published Richard’s article, “Modified DSLR’s for Nightscapes & Astrophotography.” Not only is his article informative, but in it he includes numerous astrophotography images that illustrate and delight.

PORTFOLIO IV is the fourth month of publication for Photography World! Commitment to and recognizing the value of our photographers’ personal experiences and creative visions- both individually and collectively, contribute to the success of this publication! India’s Photographer Anjan Ghosh and Indonesia Photographer Sis Jimbo set the bar in PORTFOLIO ONE. American Photographer Linda Covey shoot the PORTFOLIO TWO cover photo. PORTFOLIO III brought us Photographer Sirish B.C. from Nepal.

Now PORTFOLIO IV presents images by Photographer Richard S. Wright, Jr. that kickoff spring- not with a bud of pastels, but with a burst of color!

Photography World wishes to give you, Richard, a much appreciated and welcomed CONGRATULATIONS!

With you– the sky’s the limit!

Mina Thevenin, Photography World Editor

Self Portrait

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