PW Cover Portfolio 2, February 2015 with green

PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD, Ltd Co wishes to congratulate American photographer Linda Covey for being awarded the cover image of PORTFOLIO TWO, February 2015 and, in addition, she is recognized as our portfolio’s featured photographer!

A blind man from India, whose black and white portrait by Photographer Anjan Ghosh graces the cover of Photography World’s Portfolio One, sets a high precedence for what is to follow. This is a good thing!

Cover Photo, PORTFOLIO 1, 2015  choice 4It is expected! For when the bar is set high, it challenges us- not to compete against one another, but to grab hold of the opportunity to excel within our own self and to create photographic images that are memorable, that do have substance and integrity, and are recognized as photographs that stand alone- reaching well above the bar and are far more reaching than just another like on fb.

Subscriber images reflect the best of their best! New images are being added to the Photographer’s Slideshow- Carousel and Photography World is delighted for the opportunity to showcase these photographer images for all to see- in our online publication and through Photography World social media websites.

American Photographer Linda Covey, Photography World offers congratulations again and looks forward to seeing more of your best!


Mina Thevenin, Editor

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