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Welcome to About Photography World,  the  online and print publication for international photographers and writers.

PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD MISSION: Our mission is to unite the international photography community by offering a publication with quality content that is educational, honest, and respectful of both the peoples and environments of the world. It is Photography World’s hope and goal to foster global awareness and understanding of our shared responsibilities to this planet and all concerned by providing a photography driven publication with articles, image galleries and portfolios. This is what Photography World is all about: supporting the photographic art community, professional and amateur, for all to enjoy and learn together- by sharing, contributing and supporting one another.

Photography World celebrates our life and times. Within these pages are PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD photographers who bear these images to time immemorial. Featuring an interactive photography 3-D Gallery of  fine arts and our photographers’ symposiums, we include exposés of our featured photographers: their stories and their photographs. Featured articles include the images of international photographers, sometimes as collaborations and sometimes as a single photographer who carries the photography project for that article by him or herself.

We exemplify the simple truth: Photographic images unite us.  Would that these photographs evoke passion, joy, anger, empathy, and laughter, then the simple truth that photographs do offer us an opportunity to transcend the binds of geographic, political, and religious borders is revealed, and photographic excellence does make the world a better place.


Letter Photography World founder: I am excited to be a part of our growing community of international photographers.  My name is Mina Thevenin. I am an entrepreneur and philanthropist., with a Bachelor of Arts in English, a minor in German and a Masters Degree in Social Work, I am self-taught in the 

If one can see it, one can achieve it—but the opposite is also true—if one can perceive failure and non-achievement, then this is also true.”

arts as a photographer and painter. Web design and administration has also been learned through self-study. My personal philosophy is a framework of the strength of community, the value of teaching a person to fish rather than giving them fish, and that education is the key to creating a positive value of the sum via the positive products of its parts. No one human being has any more value than any other human being, and at the same time each human being is valuable as a part of the whole.

Photography is poetry. Music. It is expression. Feelings, thoughts, a contemplation born by a captured image & through color, or black and white, the single image in tones and light become story told. 

Over the years I have met numerous photographers whose images, I am most sure, resonate with the awe of Godly inspiration. There are so many photographic instances of the human eye & heart capturing the story of humanity~ our stories of beauty, of love, of loss, and our common experience as human beings, being human.
I hope for you, that whether you are artist or art-appreciating of images worth remembering, that the extraordinary journey  of the photographer brings you into this spirit of sameness, which we call photography.   — MINA THEVENIN


As a collaborative of photographers and writers, we are collective talents that drive this publication towards upward growth in the digital age. We are interested in engaging the pixels of social media, connecting— Tumblr, Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook— to further foster a seamless communication and presentation of the fine art of photography, while upholding integrity and professionalism in every written word. Photography World celebrates this online and print publication, see our Shop, of featured Photographers and ever growing line-up of articles, from Travel,  Nature,  Animals, to professional Software/Hardware how-to’s and IN-FOCUS, articles for Subscribers only.

We are Photography World—the stories of the men and women behind the lens—and we hope you enjoy our digital and print publications. To be an active member with your own photography|writing, then SUBSCRIBE to Photography World for $30 (USD) annually: it puts you behind the lens and into our publication!



PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD current fan base includes 96 countries! As we continue to grow our international subscriber base and content, we are excited to share ourselves in print!

Cover for the Photography World Journal 1, April 2016 @https://photographyworld.org/photography-world/about/

April 2016 we published our 76 page softbound mag-book: Photography World Journal 1, available at Blurb.com…Photography World

Photography World Journal 1, April 2016 Table of Contents @ https://photographyworld.org/photography-world/about/Inside this modern magazine style journal (mag-book): the stories of the winning images from our 2015 Photography World YOUR FOCUS ON THE WORLD contest | Doug Oglesby’s article, Early Hawai’i | Nature interest—Birds of the Water, by Mina Thevenin (featuring contributing photographers) | Photographer SPOTLIGHT on American Photographer Linda Covey…and more!

IN PRINT! Photography World 2015 Volume I @ https://photographyworld.org/photography-world/about/

The hardbound coffee table book, PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD 2015, Volume I , published in November 2015. This “year in review” picks the best of the best from Photography World 2015! This book is available at Amazon Books & is for sale at a discount for subscribers on our own Shop Page.



Photographer Linda Covey. Image © Priest Lake, ID. GOLD AWARD WINNER for the SPRING! 2016 Photography Contest @ https://photographyworld.org/photography-world/about/
GOLD AWARD WINNING PHOTO © Priest Lake, ID by Photographer Linda Covey

CONTESTS—Winners have been announced for the SPRING! 2016 Photography World Contest! Congratulations to Photographer Linda Covey for her Gold Award overall winning image © Priest Lake, ID.

Congratulations also to the SPRING! contest category winners: Linda Covey for FLOWERS, Dave Meachum for SKY, Hans Franken for ANIMALS (with Juvenile) and Barb Hoeldt for PEOPLE.

The Winners page can be viewed @ https://photographyworld.org/contests/photography-winners-2016/

or on the contest website of Photography World Contest @ http://www.photographyworldcontest.com/   

The 2015 WINNERS from our annual YOUR FOCUS ON THE WORLD are published on both our photographyworld.org and our photographyworldcontest.com websites! You can also read about the winners in our print publication, Photography World Journal 1.


A PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD video of the winning images in the 2015 end of year contest.

Additionally, Photography World  begins to build its cornerstone program for school-age photographers, connecting children across the world with their classrooms and photography projects. Photography World will provide them a platform by which to publish their images online. Because we truly do believe that photography is a tie that binds us globally, the efforts of individuals in class groups promotes positive team experiences: to work together for the good of a common project and goal.

Founder, Owner & Editor-in-Chief Mina Thevenin

Mina Thevenin. Executive Editor & Photographer of Photography World Publication @ https://photographyworld.org/photography-world/about/