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The SOFTWARE|HARDWARE of the business & oy such a business it is!

Photography is 30 percent equipment and 70 percent photographer! Or is that reversed? Let’s face it—great software|hardware improves our experience & the desired finished product: a great picture.

There are many wonderful online sites that focus primarily on software|hardware, though that is not Photography World’s primary focus. Even so, we do get excited about our industry and photography’s ever-growing technology products, and sometimes we can’t resist but to share something insightful and creative from one of our photographer|writer professionals… Wildlife photographers Robert Wilson and Mina Thevenin, and astrophotographer Richard S. Wright, Jr. Both articles and galleries are available by clicking on colored links (below) or the high-lighted names.


© Cherry Springs Star Party. Photograph by Richard S.Wright, Jr. PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD,


Article & Gallery by

Astrophotographer Richard S. Wright, Jr






 Whether you are a bird watcher, a Star Gazer or or a Sport Enthusiast, Orion has an out of this world selection of Binoculars.         Grizzly Bear. Yellowstone National Park    Article & Gallery by  Robert Wilson



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