Justin Carr Copyright Photograph @ photographyworld.org
© Justin Carr Swarovski Digiscoped Image. United Kingdom
© Short-eared Owl. Digiscoped Image by Belgium Photographer Anja Warrot, 2015
Long tailed tit-jpeg
© Long-Tailed Tit. Digiscoped by UK Photographer Gary Welsby

Barry Woodhouse Juvenile Red Backed Shrike

Tom Berriman from Lyndonville, Vermont
© Evening Grosbeak. Digiscoped by American Photographer Tom Berriman
Eurasian_Bittern_Gallery_Entry_GX1_Edit copy
© Eurasian Bittern. Digiscoped Image by UK Photographer Danny Porter
Anna's Hummingbird by Glenn Kincaid
© Anna’s Hummingbird. Digiscoped by Photographer Glenn Kincaid
Bearded TitC_filtereda (w)
© Bearded Titmouse. Digiscoped by UK Photographer Craig Shaw, 2015
Bald Eagle. Digiscoped Image by Photographer Robert Wilson
American Photographer Robert Wilson


PW Green World(thicker) with TM jpg - Copy - Copy - Copy

Digiscoping popularity is recognized the world over. PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD, LTD CO is excited to support the international photographers’ community by bringing a gallery of digiscoped images to its publication!

Photography World- We invite you to submit one (1) digiscoped image for possible publication in our new DIGISCOPING GALLERY.

If selected- your original image, with your watermark, will be published along with other photographers’ digiscoped photography.

This is an “open call” to photographers & you do not need to be a subscriber to participate. You must, however, agree to the Terms & Conditions set forth by Photography World in order to participate.


  • One (1) original digiscoped image taken by the participating photographer may be submitted. (Subscribers may submit unlimited number of images.)

  • Put your watermark (name only) on your image. Do not add any contact information to your image watermark, i.e. no websites, emails, etc.

  • In your email, DO include information about your photograph- your full name, location & identification of image content. (Only subscribers may submit detailed information for publication, i.e. how you got in to digiscoping, related-stories, etc.)

  •  DO NOT submit pornographic images or images depicting inhumane cruelty to animals.

PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD will not alter your image for publication. (If you need assistance adding your watermark, we will help you do that- just let us know.) 

We promise to protect the copyright integrity of your image to the best of our ability as set forth in this T & C; however, we cannot be held responsible should educational institutions, or web browser “image” pages utilize your photography and your image’s identifying information (your watermark). PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD will not sell your information to 3rd parties. Only subscriber images will be marketed and given publicity by PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD, as well as used in feature articles.

Submit to the following address:


PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD will notify you if your image is selected for publication and you will then be contacted by email for your electronic signature, as required, for the above stated Terms & Conditions.

 Go DIGI or Go Home! – Photography World, Ltd Co

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Justin Carr Photography A Copyright Image for Photography World.ORG

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