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PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD is interested in two types of submissions. Firstly, we are publishing great photographs that are created from passion and offer the viewer the indelible spirit of life.  Secondly, we encourage photographers to put pen to paper and relay our stories untold through photography related articles & essays- serious, humorous, touching. There is also the Software/Hardware category, so technical or opinion writing is welcome.

Registration.To be eligible for publication, an active annual subscription must be in place & you must be at least 18 years of age. By becoming an active SUBSCRIBER to Photography World, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the terms & conditions as set forth in the TERMS OF SERVICE page, regarding copyright and photography guidelines for Photography World, Ltd. Co.

HOW? After pressing the PayPal SUBSCRIBE button your subscription process is administered thru the secure PayPal website. There, you will make a subscriber payment ($30 USD for one year), and then be automatically redirected to the MEMBERS ONLY pages of Photography World, Ltd. Co. to complete your subscriber registration.


  • Photography World’s online PHOTOGRAPHER is a publication opportunity available only to subscribers, when a photographer can become featured.
  • Subscribing photographers are eligible to be a part of our online digital 3-D photography  pages through their photography submissionsParticipating photographers may also have images awarded as cover images on any number of our online pages associated with—which is seen by our followers and readers of over 100 countries and is viewed by prospective customers who may be interested in purchasing or leasing your work!

Only Subscribers can access the QUICK LINKS to photography contests: a one-stop-shopping for quick links to contests.

Subscribers will also have access to additional photography related articles- available in drop down tabs  under Log In MEMBERS ONLY.

PHOTOS. We Are Interested in Publishing Museum Quality Images. Photographic themes are open to the photographer’s discretion. There are no restrictions on photography software use for post processing.  (Note- there are two content themes that will not be allowed: pornography & images depicting or implying cruelty to animals.) 

What kind of WRITING is Photography World looking to publish?

Photography World is interested in writing that is intelligent and is supported by resources that demonstrates research and is credible. Opinion and creative writing is also eligible for publication and will be considered as well. We are also interested in writing that reflects the issues/goals that challenge photographers, preferably based on the writer’s own personal experiences. You do not need to be a subscriber to submit articles.

PW 2015 Photo ContestPhotography World is pleased to offer photographers the annual Photo Contest~Your Focus on the World. Contest open to subscribers & non-subscribers.


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