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“Would  that one  might stand   among the Tallgrass Prairie of Kansas

or walk along the Bali shores of an Indonesia sunset,

travel adventure ignites the spirit & invites the photographer to capture, through images,

 at least a small token of remembrance

of what it is like to be in foreign and native lands.

The photograph- a humbling offer of awe.”

~ Photography World

[img src="" alt=""]© ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE. Cover by Wojtek Ogorzelski
European Organic Architecture? Wright\'s concept of principals becomes the style after all... Article by Mina Thevenin
[img src="" alt=""]© Postcard from the Edge. Photograph by Mina Thevenin
Hike the Red River Gorge & the Adena Loop while walking in the footsteps of 10,000 years...
[img src="" alt=""]© Fisherman
Silhouette of India. Street photographer, Anjan Ghosh, focuses on his country\'s color & its people. Article by Mina Thevenin
[img src="" alt=""]© Baduy Tribal Children. Photographer Sis Jimbo
Indonesia is the \"Ring of Fire\" and Sis Jimbo photographs it from within... Article by Mina Thevenin
[img src="" alt=""]© Pacu Jawi Jockey. Photographer Sis Jimbo
Anyone for Pacu Jawi this weekend? Cow racing in Indonesia is a sporting and community-minded event...
[img src="" alt=""]© The Solo Trekker. Photograph by Sirish B.C.
The elephant of the world is Sagarmatha, or Mount Everest, & is a young 60 million years old! It is the highest peak on earth...
[img src="" alt=""]© Mount Everest Base Camp.
Follow the Uhl family as they trek to Mount Everest base camp, but only one makes the journey...
[img src="" alt=""]© Thunder Over Louisville. Photography by Mina Thevenin
Hear the thunder roar as the largest fireworks display in North America races to the annual Kentucky Derby!
[img src="" alt=""]© Tundra Swans. Photograph by Mina Thevenin
Wintering on the frozen Chesapeake Bay, the Arctic\'s Tundra Swan prepare for their return trip home to summer on the tundra.
[img src="" alt=""]© Aurora & Americana. Photograph by Richard S. Wright, Jr
What is lovelier than the dancing colors of Northern Lights over the Alaskan sky? Gallery & article...
[img src="©-Time-To-Eat.-Photograph-by-Linda-Covey1.jpg" alt=""]© Time To Eat. Photograph by Linda Covey
Arizona Nature Photographer Linda Covey captures a busy parent feeding its young! Read about Covey in her Photography World feature, \"Linda Covey- Muse of the Desert\".
[img src="" alt=""]© Sunset Super Cells Collide. Nevis Island. Photographer Mina Thevenin
Journey to the troposphere where we find clouds in the Photography World article, \"Language of Clouds\'.
[img src="" alt=""]© Talking Prairie Dogs. Cover by Photographer Mina Thevenin for Photography World
Colorado Rocky Mountains is the backdrop for the black-tailed prairie dog, a Keystone species...

Just for the Hike of It! Cover Doug (w) social media


Photography World joins avid hiker & Primitive Technologist, Doug Meyer, on a hike in the Red River Gorge- where sandstone cliffs, rockshelters and waterfalls are explored!

Photography & Article by Mina Thevenin, Editor

© Bug & Pricklypear CactusARIZONA

Muse of the Desert & American Wildlife Photographer Linda Covey

Article by Mina Thevenin, Editor

© Thunder Over Louisville. Photography by Mina TheveninTHUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE

Article & Gallery by Photography World’s

Editor and Photographer, Mina Thevenin



Interview & Article by Mina Thevenin, Editor

Gallery Images by Two Brothers- Adventurers & Photographers Nick Uhl and Karl Uhl



Article by Photography World Editor Mina Thevenin

Gallery by Nepalese Photographer Sirish B.C.



INDONESIA- Cow Racing Pacu Jawi Style!

Article by Photography World Editor Mina Thevenin

Gallery by Indonesian Photographer Sis Jimbo



INDONESIA– Living & Photography in the RING OF FIRE Indonesia and the Baduy Tribe. Photographer Sis Jimbo.

Article by Mina Thevenin, Editor


© FishermanINDIA– Silhouettes. Story about Indian Street Photographer Anjan Ghosh. Gallery by Photographer Anjan Ghosh

Article by Mina Thevenin, Editor



Tundra Swans Reflections (w)The ARCTIC TUNDRA SWAN, as they migrate to Chesapeake Bay

Photography & Article by Mina Thevenin, Editor




Aurora4 (with test watermark)ALASKA
& Its Northern Lights.

Photography by Richard S. Wright, Jr., including excerpt about photographing in Alaska.

Article by Mina Thevenin, Editor


Rocky Sunset on Lake Standley (w)COLORADO

Article & Gallery about the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog, By Photography World Editor & Photographer Mina Thevenin




Contest March 20, 2016 Orange Dogwood and Purple Redbug Background photographyworldcontest dot com Copyright Image by Mina Thevenin Enter our upcoming Photography World ContestSPRING


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