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” Photographing the night sky is a true technical and practiced skill. With the help of hardware, software and learned know-how, the astro & nightscape photographer brings the mysterious and unseen objects of the night sky into an experience of greater appreciation for the masses. To put it simply- it’s really cool. ” ~Photography World

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© Thunder off 2nd Street Bridge. Louisville, KY DERBY. PHOTOGRAPHY WORLD,

Gallery & Article: Thunder Over Louisville

Article & Photography by Editor Mina Thevenin


© Aurora Borealis, Alaska. Photograph by Richard S. Wright, Jr.

Aurora Borealis & Tundra Swans: Under the Northern Lights

Gallery and article excerpt from Astrophotographer Richard S. Wright, Jr. about photographing at night in Alaska., 2015


Full Article by Mina Thevenin, Editor


© Cherry Springs Star Party. Photograph by Richard S. Wright, Jr.Modified DSLR’s for Nightscapes & Astrophotography

Article & Gallery by Photography World’s Astrophotographer and contributing writer, Richard S. Wright, Jr.


PW 2015 Photo Contest

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